Steve Prefontaine Poster

Steve Prefontaine Poster

Want a great Steve Prefontaine Poster? Welcome to the home of the Steve Prefontaine cloth running posters. This poster is made of a soft-as-silk material and is a huge 4.5' x 2.5' poster. You will not find this unique poster anywhere else on the web. I have been involved with running for 28 years and have noticed it is difficult to purchase running posters to hang on a wall or to place in a dorm room. The major shoe companies make posters, but they are hard to find and they make a limited number of them. So I decided to go out and find a manufacture that would create a poster that was durable and light weight. Reading my customer comments I believe I have met my goal of an affordable poster that is true to the sport of distance running!
My first poster will be of Steve Prefontaine, one of the greatest running legends in our sport. Pre was the epitome of greatness on and off the track. Prefontaine's great work ethic and mental toughness was what made him a legend. Steve Prefontaine was admired by many and left a never ending legacy. One of Prefontaine's gutsiest races was the 1972 Olympic games in Munich Germany. He took control of the last mile of the race and was trying to run a 4:00 minute mile to break his competitors. Pre's heroic move fell short and was fourth that day. Watching that race inspired many people to admire Prefontaine for his gutsy attitude on and off the track. Steve Prefontaine was tragically killed at the age of 24 in 1975 cutting short a career that was so promising. His legacy though will be ever remembered by American distance running!

Cloth Poster Collection of Steve Prefontaine

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We also carry Steve Prefontaine t-shirts. The shirts are made of a moisture wicking material and would be great to wear on your training runs. The imprint of Prefontaine is not a traditional screen print that will fade, but is embedded in the shirt with a process called sublimation. The shirts would make great gifts for any distance runner who knows the achievements the Steve Prefontaine accomplished.
Along with our t-shirt collection we carry spike bags, wrist-bands, movies, books, and cell phone cases. We are hoping to add more items to our store to make it the place to go to get your Prefontaine items. These would also be great gifts for cross country coaches to hand out for awards or incentives for their distance athletes. If you have any questions or have an idea for a product please contact us and we will get back to you. Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope your training is going well.

T-shirt Collection of Steve Prefontaine

steve prefontaine t-shirt olympic 1
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Steve Prefontaine Shirts

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Welcome to the home of the Steve Prefontaine cloth running posters. The poster is made of a soft-as-silk material and is a huge 4.5' x 2.5' poster.